• A Message to Our Community - July 8, 2020

  • San Antonio Regional Hospital
    Like other hospitals in our region and across the state, San Antonio Regional Hospital has experienced periods when our intensive care units have been full, especially during the past few days when we have experienced a surge of patients. The “full” status is a moment in time, since the number of patients in the hospital, and in the intensive care and telemetry units, is continually changing as patients are discharged or moved to a lower level of care. 

    The hospital’s leadership team is focused on expediting patient admissions from the Emergency Department. The medical team continually reviews patient status to ensure proper placement at the appropriate level of care. In some cases, patients have been discharged but they have not left the facility. Once they depart, patients in telemetry who no longer required telemetry monitoring are moved to a medical/surgical unit. Patients who no longer require intensive care can then be moved to a telemetry or medical/surgical unit. This domino effect is the reason the situation at the hospital is fluid and continually changing.

    San Antonio Regional Hospital has a detailed surge plan to increase its bed capacity when needed, and the hospital is an active participant in regional COVID-19 planning efforts. The hospital also took immediate steps to secure and maintain adequate supplies of personal protective equipment. In addition, San Antonio was among the first hospitals to initiate internal COVID-19 testing for its patients, and was one of the hospitals who received an allocation of Remdesivir through San Bernardino County.