• Impella Left Ventricular Assist Device

    Impella is the world's smallest left ventricular assist device (LVAD), used to support patients who are experiencing heart failure either before or after open heart surgery or cardiac catheterization. The device is a tiny pump inside of a catheter with an electric motor that can deliver about 2.5 liters of blood per minute to the body. Impella is so small that when inside a catheter it can be inserted into the patient's heart through an incision in the femoral artery in the leg. The pump, encased in the catheter, is passed up the femoral artery in the leg and inserted into the left ventricle. This mechanical cardiovascular support system can sustain a patient’s heart for up to seven days. While Impella is only used for what seems like a short period of time, in many cases it is just enough time to serve as a bridge to transplantation or recovery, both offering patients more time with their loved ones and a better quality of life.