• The Lewis-San Antonio Healthy Communities Institute (HCI)

  • HCI works to bridge health and workforce development to high school students by collaborating with school districts, HealthCorps, and community leaders to promote sustainable health education. The program incorporates the following curriculum of mental resilience, physical education, and nutrition to reduce the chronic disease rates of the next generation.

    Train-the-Trainer Model: Our model is to incorporate interns from local universities to train high school students from the curriculum through the Train-the-Trainer model. The model is separated into three block-time frames and starts from the university level and ends with the junior highs. For a period of six weeks, university interns with degrees ranging from undergraduate to post-grad teach at our partnered high schools about wellness followed by a two-week period of selection and training of interested high school students. From those selected, these high school interns become trainers who then educate junior high students in a four-week interval. Once, the Train-the-Trainer model is complete, high school trainers receive a Certificate of Completion as well as experience what it is like to work in a lab for a day. This peer-to-peer mentorship facilitated on all levels encourages students to seek careers in health and become health-conscious, preparing them to become future healthcare professional and community leaders.

  • Current Initiatives: 

  • Health Workforce Development


    Non-clinical Internship Programs

    is a collaboration between HCI, HealthCorps, and school districts to bring education regarding nutrition, fitness, and resilience to students. Currently, HCI works in partnership with Upland Unified School District to encourage health careers and create additional opportunities for interns from our local universities to be mentors and instructors for our local high schools.   are offered through HCI and our listed partnership universities to advance the education and provide experience for these important volunteers. Responsibilities would be appropriated according to their field of interest and be relevant to what they will be doing.
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  • In Recognition of Our Partner: Randall Lewis

  • Randall Lewis, Executive Vice President of the Lewis Group of CompaniesThe Lewis-San Antonio Healthy Communities Institute (HCI) was established in 2016 in partnership with Randall Lewis, Executive Vice President of the Lewis Group of Companies. Mr. Lewis is a leader and longtime supporter of healthy communities across the Inland Empire; spearheading healthy cities, educational initiatives, and local government efforts to improve the health and well-being of our region.

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    ​Angelica Baltazar, MSW
    Phone: 909.920.4773