• NICU Follow Up Clinic

  • Infants who are born prematurely, are seriously ill in their newborn period, or have shown developmental delays in the first year are at risk for problems with language, hearing, sight, feeding, behavioral, motor, and intellectual development. San Antonio Regional Hospital's NICU Follow-up Clinic offers a quality program for these children and their families.

    Typically, children are seen three times: at 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months of age; however, the clinic staff is available for consultation when the primary care physician is concerned about any developmental delay or problem for a child under the age of three.

    During each visit, a conference is held with the child's parents and a developmental exam is performed. The exam includes an assessment of fine and gross motor development, muscle tone and reflexes, cognitive and intellectual development, medical history and present medical needs, medications, vision and hearing follow-up, nutrition, and utilization of community resources.

    Working as a Team

    It has been found that management for at-risk children is most successful when the treating specialists work as a team. Our team members include:

    • Nurse coordinates overall operation of the clinic, facilitates team conferences and communicates results, recommendations, and referrals to the appropriate individuals or agencies.
    • Social Worker assesses psychosocial issues as needed, parenting techniques, and financial needs. Provides information on community resources.
    • Dietitian assesses diet and issues regarding feeding problems. Provides information on adequate nutrition.
    • Developmental Specialist utilizes standardized developmental testing to evaluate milestones. Assists team and family with appropriate referrals and family education as needed.

    NICU follow up clinic is open Wednesdays only. For more information, contact the NICU scheduling coordinator at 909.985.2811, extension 23676.