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    San Antonio’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit works to provide a secure and soothing atmosphere to eliminate as much stress as possible allowing your baby to grow faster and stronger.

    The giraffe beds serve as an integral part of the NICU, and provide superior care for some of our more sensitive patients. The giraffe bed is unique in that it transforms from a radiant warmer to an incubator (isolette). The key feature of this technology is that the infant does not need to be removed and exposed to the outside environment for care and treatment. 

    The following tests can be conducted on infants with minimal or no interruption in their sleep: X-rays (the baby no longer has to touch the cold X-ray plate), a built in scale which provides a daily measure of the baby's growth, complete resuscitation, ultrasounds, and EEGs. A calming environment offers babies a reduced noise level and minimal light exposure.

    The popular giraffe beds come with the added benefit being family-friendly. Features such as port holes, clear glass incubator, and adjustable bed height allow for maximum interaction between you and your infant during this sensitive time.