• Our Nursing Team


    Orthopedic Nursing Team
    Our nursing team includes Certified Orthopedic Nurses who are specially trained in orthopedic care. Mobility aides are also staffed on the floor to assist our patients in ambulating more often. This accelerates healing and recovery time.


    Orthopedic Team Consulting
    Our orthopedic surgeons and nursing staff collaborate closely, using efficient, streamlined processes and best practices that ensure the optimal outcome for every patient we care for.



    Orthopedic Leadership Team
    Our patients benefit from a multi-disciplinary orthopedic team that encompasses many disciplines within the hospital including orthopedic surgeons, nursing staff, physical therapists, and a dedicated orthopedics nurse navigator.


    Shift Report
    Orthopedic nurses giving their shift report. During nursing shift change our nursing staff address past daily medical history, physical assessment medication and pain management, discharge planning, and the safety of the patient.



    Orthopedic Nurse Station
    Nurses at the main orthopedic nurse station. This serves the main administrative center for nursing care for all orthopedic patients. It is centrally located in the orthopedic unit and is staffed by a unit nurse who assists with paperwork, telephone, and other communication.


    Patient Rooms
    20 new state-of-the-art patient rooms that are dedicated
    to care for our orthopedic surgery patients.