Patient Stories at San Antonio


Russell Pearson

Meet Russell Pearson, a living testament to the exceptional Cardiac care at San Antonio Regional Hospital!

Russell faced the terrifying ordeal of a sudden heart attack. But from the moment he entered our doors, our dedicated heart care team members sprang into action. Quick and precise diagnostics, a seamless transition to the Cath Lab for stent insertion, and even a personal choice in OR music! Our care team ensured Russell felt comforted, informed, and in the best possible hands every step of the way.

"Immediate assistance, EKGs on the spot, and swift action. The reassurance and care I received were beyond compare. I've been to hospitals globally, but SARH is second to none," says Russell.

Today, with a renewed spirit and unwavering trust in us, Russell is looking ahead with optimism.  "For the best care, I would go nowhere else but San Antonio," he asserts.

Watch his full story and understand why we were awarded “Healthgrades 50 Best Hospitals Cardiac Surgery™ Award (2021-2022)


Jennifer Alonso

Join Jennifer Alonzo as she shares her emotional journey of welcoming her son Landon into the world at 30 weeks and the 62-day NICU stay at San Antonio Regional Hospital. Amid the emotional turmoil of early delivery, Jennifer found solace in the compassionate care provided by the hospital staff. She shares, "I felt like she (my nurse) loved my son and it gave me a sense of comfort when I couldn't be there … and that really meant the world to me." 

Be inspired by the exceptional care and devotion of the care team members who went the extra mile to ensure both Jennifer and Landon were well looked after and supported throughout their experience.


Kathleen Williams

Kathleen Williams overcame diastolic heart failure thanks to the exceptional care at San Antonio Regional Hospital. Her journey took a positive turn when the hospital enrolled her in The Community Health Improvement Program (CHIP), and a remarkable life coach that transformed Kathleen's life. This compassionate support led to a full recovery, showcasing the hospital's commitment to patients' well-being.

Be compelled by her heartfelt testimonial, "My life coach was the most amazing person ever." Learn why San Antonio Regional Hospital is her top choice for medical care and how their dedication to patients makes all the difference. Experience the power of empathy, compassion, and support in shaping a healthier future.


Katie Witherington

Watch Katie Witherington's touching story of welcoming her daughter Sadie into the world at San Antonio Regional Hospital. Facing a high-risk pregnancy, Katie found solace in the hospital's nurturing and attentive care team. Their unwavering compassion and dedication made her feel at home and supported throughout her journey. Katie shares, "It is such a culture of making patients feel comfortable and welcome, I felt it from everybody." 

Immerse yourself in Katie's heartfelt account and learn how the exceptional service at San Antonio Regional Hospital transformed her challenging experience into a treasured memory.


Becky Miller

Join Becky Miller as she shares her heartwarming experience, where she found exceptional care and support at San Antonio Regional Hospital while assisting her partner in need. Witness the extraordinary dedication of our care team members, like volunteer Jesse, who went above and beyond to help during a challenging time to ensure a positive experience. Becky praises the hospital's quality: "Every time we come here, it's always been a very positive experience."

Be inspired by this uplifting patient story, and learn why San Antonio Regional Hospital is the preferred choice for patients seeking the highest level of care and compassion.


Steven Blackmon

Watch the moving story of Steven Blackmon, who experienced outstanding care at San Antonio Regional Hospital during a challenging health episode. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled compassion and commitment displayed by our care team members, like nurse Brenda, who made Steven feel like he was her top priority. He says, "She made me feel like I was the only one here, and like me getting better was just her whole priority." 

Learn why Steven and his family have trusted San Antonio Regional Hospital for 40 years and why our patient-centered approach is vital for successful recovery. Experience the difference that personalized, compassionate care can make.