President's Message


Dr. Dennis-TriguerosDear San Antonio Regional Hospital Physicians and Healthcare Providers,


I will take this opportunity to greet you all and introduce myself to those that may not know me personally yet.  Entering the role of Medical Staff President at this time is certainly exciting and anxiety-provoking at the same time. Clearly, the obvious challenge of the pandemic is a strain for us all.  We continue to maneuver and innovate to clear the hurdles that seem to appear at random intervals before us.  It speaks to the strength, intelligence and ingenuity of a great group of people. I look forward to fostering relationships with you all.  

I have been on staff at SARH (previously SACH) since 2008.  I am an Emergency Medicine Physician with Mountain View Emergency Physicians Medical Group.  I came to San Antonio straight out of training after completing my Combined Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Residency and Fellowship in Emergency Ultrasound programs.  San Antonio Regional Hospital has fostered me and helped me grow from the eager-eyed junior attending to the more gray-haired and hopefully more mild-mannered "seasoned" attending.  The ride has been great and I am grateful that San Antonio Regional Hospital is where I landed because I love this place.

The pandemic has taught us that well laid plans can crumble easily and adaptations are probably more important than plans.  In that vein, I will say that my goals are to continue to strengthen the relationships between physicians.  I hope to be a communicative President and consider the perspectives of my colleagues.  The bridge between the hospital administration and the medical staff is critical.  As such, I endeavor to keep an open door with the leadership of San Antonio Regional Hospital.  

I am in a privileged position as an Emergency Medicine Physician because we have the blessing of getting to know all of our colleagues.  I can say that I have had conversations with most of you at 6:30am, 2:15pm and apologetically at 3:00am.  My role has given me the chance to get to know most services from the Pediatrician to the Oncology Surgeon, the Hospitalist to the Primary Physician and the docs in between.  It is quite a privilege, as I said before.

I want to thank Drs. Dang and Khan who have helped me over the last year and tutor me into the role that is now two months old.  I want to thank the ladies in the Medical Staff Office who have been so kind to me over the years and continue to be the backbone of this Presidency.

I hope that 2022, which is starting in such a challenging way, allows this institution and our staff to grow together.  I hope we continue to innovate, be creative and focus on quality.  Our community has counted on us for so many years and I will make sure that we continue to be that beacon.


Dennis Trigueros, MD
Medical Staff President