President's Message


Dr. Steven Barag-DODear San Antonio Regional Hospital Physicians and Healthcare Providers,

What an awesome opportunity we as a Medical Staff at San Antonio Regional Hospital are given.  We can direct our years of training and experience, using advanced technologies, to help our fellow man.  There is the chance to get beyond ourselves and spread kindness, positivity, inspiration and maturation.  We prosper financially and live well above the average citizen.  With all these things going for us, why do we feel something is missing?

Maybe it is too many hours at work, too many bureaucratic tasks, getting increasingly computerized with less meaningful human interaction. 

Burnout is around every corner rearing its ugly head when you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired. It is time to fight the burnout trap and rekindle joy in what we do.  Should you find yourself being affected with any of the above, remember, the Medical Staff Well Being Committee is there to help.

New projects will get you out of the rut you are in and give you a reason to focus on what could be at SARH; two projects come to mind.  The evolving Residency training programs for instance.  This will give the Medical Staff teaching opportunities and a chance to “grow our own” future Medical Staff by auditioning medical students and residents in action.  What greater gift than sharing our experiences and knowledge with these bright young minds.  Graduate Medical Education will transform our hospital and medical community. We will live up to our name REGIONAL. 

The second project is in the acquisition of the Mercury Insurance building on Foothill Blvd. in Rancho Cucamonga.  This 180,000 square foot building is set to be developed into a Center for Aging and many other projects yet to be determined. The input of the Medical Staff is critical in the development process.

With the pandemic nearly behind us, 2023 is the turning point of endless possibilities ahead.

Let’s “Seize the Day”.

Steven Barag, D.O.
Medical Staff President