Our Brand Legacy


For over a century, we have been committed to advancing medicine with a never-ending quest to stay at the forefront of science and technology. Our services and specialties have grown, adapting and changing to meet the needs of the diverse patients we serve. Our daily quest has always been to provide the best care possible, from the moment you step onto our well-manicured grounds.

These attributes and achievements are something we are truly proud of. But the single source for these achievements, advancements, and accolades is the same as it was when the hospital opened in 1907: the people of San Antonio Regional Hospital. From the operating room to the kitchen, everything San Antonio Regional Hospital was, is, and will become is because of the people who dedicated themselves to the hospital yesterday and those who continue to do so today. Their efforts are the heritage and heart of San Antonio Regional Hospital. They were and always have been what sets San Antonio Regional Hospital apart from others.

Together, the people of San Antonio Regional Hospital make up a community that serves a community. It’s not unlike a family helping another family. Here, health feels like home and community isn't a distinct thing the hospital serves, it’s something that San Antonio Regional Hospital belongs to and is a vital part of. “Our life’s legacy. Your healthy future.” encapsulates the compassionate care and concern of the San Antonio Regional Hospital individual, the historic achievements and dedication to community that is the San Antonio Regional Hospital legacy, and the benefit to you – our patients.  Our brand statement conveys compassion, reliability, good health, and care, attributes that enhance the science of medicine. These words create a sense of well-being and peace, of comfort and positivity. Everything that San Antonio strives to give its patients. 

“Our life’s legacy. Your healthy future.” is attached to every aspect of San Antonio Regional Hospital, from the smile of a volunteer to the comforting touch of a nurse; the skills of a surgeon and the diligence of a record-keeper...every part of San Antonio Regional Hospital is placed in perfect rhythm to support your prospects of living a better, healthier future.

“Our life’s legacy. Your healthy future.” is not based on a promise that might be tomorrow, but rather on our history of the past and the reality of today.