Here for Life Video Honors
SARH’s Devotion to Community


(UPLAND, Ca) – June 1, 2024 – This award-winning video brings to life our commitment to always be here when you need us.  Good or bad, day or night, unconditionally.  Our promise is simple and pure--that San Antonio Regional Hospital and its care team members have a purpose that extends beyond our hallways.  To see those we care for and serve as more than patients, but as neighbors of a common compassionate community, together in good health.  And, to be a companion in your health journey, walking alongside you, always here for you, Here for Life!

Here for Life received top honors in the 41st Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, hosted by HMR Publications Group.  San Antonio Regional Hospital, along with its advertising agency, Ignite Design & Advertising, were presented with a Gold Award for the Here for Life digital video as well as a Bronze Award for the Here for Life Total Advertising Campaign.