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Robotic Surgery for Urologic Procedures

The da Vinci Xi is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a wide range of urological procedures that previously required traditional "open" surgery with larger incisions. This important new technique allows surgeons to perform many major procedures through incisions the size of a dime.

    The da Vinci Xi surgical system is ideal for urological procedures involving the prostate, kidney and bladder. The greater visualization and 360-degree manipulation of surgical instruments allow surgeons to work more effectively in tightly confined areas surrounded by nerves that control urination and sexual function. Distinct advantages over traditional "open" surgery:

    • Better preservation of healthy tissue
    • Less trauma to surrounding tissue and organs
    • Better surgical result
    • Improved quality of life

    Patients undergoing major urological procedures using the da Vinci Xi surgical system experience the benefits of minimally invasive surgery:

    • Minimal blood loss, fewer complications
    • Less pain and scarring
    • Shorter hospital stay and recovery time
    • Faster return to normal daily activities


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