• Urologic

  • Robotic Surgery for Urologic Procedures

    The da Vinci Si is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a wide range of urological procedures that previously required traditional "open" surgery with long incisions. This important new technique allows surgeons to perform many major procedures through incisions the size of a dime.

    The New Standard For Minimally Invasive Surgery

    The development of minimally invasive, laparoscopic surgery forever changed the way many procedures are performed. Robotic-assisted technology has taken minimally invasive surgery to an even more sophisticated level. Better visualization, dexterity and precision have made it possible to perform more complex, delicate surgeries using minimally invasive techniques. Patients undergoing major urological procedures using the da Vinci Si surgical system experience the benefits of minimally invasive surgery:

    • Minimal blood loss, fewer complications
    • Less pain and scarring
    • Shorter hospital stay and recovery time
    • Faster return to normal daily

    The da Vinci Si surgical system is ideal for urological procedures involving the prostate, kidney and bladder. The greater visualization and 360-degree manipulation of surgical instruments allow surgeons to work more effectively in tightly confined areas surrounded by nerves that control urination and sexual function. Distinct advantages over traditional "open" surgery:

    • Better preservation of healthy tissue
    • Less trauma to surrounding tissue and organs
    • Better surgical result
    • Improved quality of life