• The Lewis-San Antonio Healthy Communities Institute (HCI) 

  • Randall Lewis, Executive Vice President of the Lewis Group of CompaniesThe Lewis-San Antonio Healthy Communities Institute (HCI) was established in 2016 in partnership with Randall Lewis, Executive Vice President of the Lewis Group of Companies. Mr. Lewis is a leader and longtime supporter of healthy communities across the Inland Empire; spearheading healthy cities, educational initiatives, and local government efforts to improve the health and well-being of our region.

    Further Information Contact our Executive Director: 
    ​Angelica Baltazar, MSW
    Phone: 909.920.4773

  • Current Initiatives:

  • Health Workforce Development is a collaboration between HCI, HealthCorps, and school districts to bring education regarding nutrition, fitness, and resilience to students.  Currently, HCI works in partnership with Upland Unified School District to encourage health careers and create additional opportunities for interns from our local universities to be mentors and instructors for our high schools.   This approach enables our student interns to serve as role models, provide evidenced-based health curriculum, and sharpen their health promotion skills.  The high school students have responded positively to the materials, activities, and most especially, their instructors.  The high school students in turn replicate the program, bringing their new knowledge and energy to junior high students.  These touchpoints along the educational pathway increase knowledge, promote chronic disease prevention, and connect students to the healthcare field.  We believe in a home grown and supported workforce that is committed to meeting the health needs of our region. 

    Food Access is one of the leading social determinants of health across our nation.  Evidence shows that poor nutrition and an unhealthy diet are leading risk factors for various chronic health conditions, including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other diet-related diseases. (Partners, 2014)      

    To affect change, HCI is engaging local organizations to establish a food system infrastructure designed to increase food availability, while also serving as a vehicle to incubate opportunities for economic mobility. 

    Contact Information

    Angelica Baltazar, MSW
    Email:  abaltazar@sarh.org
    Phone: 909.920.4773