The tree is a representation of hope and memory.

John Chapman, President and CEO

A Beautiful Tribute- COVID-19 Memorial Tree

A strawberry tree has been planted on the east side of the fountain as a tribute to all of the patients, families, and San Antonio Care Team members who were affected by COVID-19. A ceremony was held on June 1 to dedicate the COVID-19 Memorial Tree.

The tree serves as a symbol to families that their loved ones will always be remembered, and serves as an ongoing reminder of the courage, perseverance, and loving care and compassion exhibited by each and every member of our team as they cared for our COVID patients and their families during such an unprecedented time in our history.

"The tree is a representation of hope and memory," commented John Chapman, President and CEO. "When you think of a memorial, you think of family and hope. Our family is the community who came out today who either lost a loved one, or are here to celebrate those who survived. We hope the tree brings comfort and solace to all those who were affected by this pandemic."


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COVID Tree Dedication