• Health Access Partnership Project For Youth

  • The Health Access Partnership Project for Youth club, commonly referred to as the HAPPY club, is an initiative that came to fruition through a longstanding collaboration between the hospital, the Kids Come First Clinic, the City of Ontario’s Healthy Ontario Program, Partner for Better Health, and other community partners.

    HAPPY’s goals are to:
    - Increase health plan enrollment for qualified children
    - Conduct health screenings for children without access to healthcare through collaboration and coordination of care among public/private entities
    - Demonstrate cost savings through new models of care for children within targeted groups

    The hospital has partnered with medical staff to attend to the specialty care referrals and has provided free diagnostic procedures for more than 250 children. Members of the hospital’s medical staff donate their time and resources to interpret diagnostic exams and to provide specialized medical care and treatment beyond the routine care provided by the Kids Come First Community Clinic. The hope for the future is that other communities can replicate this model to improve access to healthcare for their children.