• Robotic Surgery

    While minimally invasive surgeries like laparoscopic surgery have been around for some time, there were limitations on the types of procedures surgeons could perform. The latest generation in minimally-invasive surgery—robotic surgery—was developed specifically to overcome these limitations. Robotic surgery has opened up a world of possibilities for more and more patients.

    Treating a Wide Range of Conditions

    In the hands of a skilled surgeon, the da Vinci Si Robotic System provides a minimally-invasive option for robotic surgeries ranging from uterine fibroid tumor removal and endometriosis to pelvic organ prolapse, many gynecological cancers and more. It is a top solution for robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy. It may also provide relief for women suffering from chronic pain, heavy bleeding and other disabling reproductive system problems.


    For most patients, robotic surgery offers significant benefits:

    • Less pain
    • Shorter hospital stays
    • Smaller incisions for minimal scarring
    • Less risk of infection
    • Less blood loss
    • Faster recovery
    • Faster return to normal daily activities

    With incisions just the size of a dime, da Vinci Robotic Surgery is on the cutting edge of medical technology. With the Center for Robotic Surgery, San Antonio Regional Hospital offers treatment beyond the limits of traditional surgery. It is here where skilled surgeons and robotic technology go hand-in-hand.