Financial Assistance 

It is important that every patient receives the care they deserve, and we at San Antonio Regional Hospital understand that a diagnosis of cancer rarely comes at a good time. Our cancer program offers the following financial programs to assist with your care. 

Women Caring for Women 

Women Caring for Women (WCW), is an outreach program designed to improve access to the exceptional breast health services offered by the Women's Breast and Imaging Center at San Antonio Regional Hospital. This program offers low or no-cost breast care services to both women and men who are low-income, uninsured and underinsured, and is funded by our generous donors. 

These services include: 3-D Tomosynthesis mammography, ultrasound, breast MRI, and breast biopsies.

For more information about the application process, or other supportive services please contact the Breast Nurse Navigator at 909.920.6258 or click this link.

Mammogram Voucher

San Antonio Regional Hospital offers our $49.95 mammogram voucher for breast cancer screening from October 1 through December 31 each year. Vouchers are handed out at our community health events during the months of October-December or they can be found online on our website.

For questions or assistance please contact our Breast Nurse Navigator at 909.920.6258.

Financial assistance for patients admitted to San Antonio Regional Hospital

San Antonio Regional Hospital offers special financing to qualified individuals. Please contact the hospital's financial advocate at 909.980.9511 to discuss your options. If you are unable to meet your financial obligation, our care team is willing to discuss your insurance coverage and available alternatives, such as: payment plans, qualification for government or community programs, and/or the availability of financial assistance.

Oncology Nurse Navigator

Our Oncology Nurse Navigator (ONN) is a cancer specialist and she is available to assist you throughout your cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, and into survival. We know how important it is to feel comfortable during your cancer journey and our ONN is here to help. Her primary focus is on your quality of life and providing you with a sense of control. The ONN can provide one-on-one education to you and your cancer caregiver about your cancer diagnosis, care options, and medical treatment plan so you can understand what’s happening and why. She can also help navigate through any financial barriers and connect you with resources such as transportation assistance to medical appointments or provide other cancer support services as needed.

If you would like to speak with our Oncology Nurse Navigator call 909.920.6265 (available for all types of cancer) or to speak to our Breast Navigator call 909.920.6258 (specializes in breast cancer).

Emotional Well-Being/ Cancer Exercise Wellness/ Support Groups

How do I cope? What are the effects of cancer treatment? What does life after cancer look like? How can I maintain my emotional health?

With help finding answers to these questions and more, try one of our support groups or, to improve your physical health and energy level, try our Pilates class or, to just feel better about your appearance, take advantage of our wig salon or try the "Look Good Feel Better" program. For more information, select one of the links below.

Improve your quality of life with help from our Cancer Support Programs 

If you would like to help support patients with cancer, Click Here to Donate

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