City of Hope Partnership – Patients Win

With cancer treatments becoming increasingly complex and new protocols evolving rapidly, San Antonio Regional Hospital and the City of Hope have developed a special partnership to give local patients access to leading-edge oncology treatment, innovative research, and clinical trials here in Southern California's Inland Empire. 

bearded man sitting on the benchThe partnership combines City of Hope's world-class cancer care and research with San Antonio Regional Hospital's 100-plus-year tradition of providing high-quality patient care. The collaboration is focused on creating a seamless care system for oncology patients who can access a full spectrum of medical and surgical cancer services in their local community; services are subject to insurance authorizations. 

City of Hope's community cancer center is a cornerstone of the multi-faceted partnership. The cancer center is located in San Antonio's Scheu Family Building on its Upland campus.  

The facility houses twelve cancer specialists. The center offers several cancer treatment options, including medical oncology, infusion therapy, radiation therapy, general oncologic surgery, and surgical subspecialties in breast, urology, gynecologic oncology, and colorectal cancers. Patients also have access to phase 2 and phase 3 cancer clinical trials. Our City of Hope partners are also able to provide genetic counseling. 

San Antonio provides complementary services for cancer patients in the Scheu Building so that outpatient care can be accessed in one convenient location. These services include imaging services (Link) (PET CT scanner, ultrasound, and other diagnostic radiology services), a laboratory draw station, and comprehensive pre-procedure and pre-surgical services. The hospital's Women's Breast & Imaging Center is also in the Scheu Building on the second floor. There is also a cancer boutique, a wig salon, and a community room for cancer education and support.  

When cancer surgery requires hospitalization, San Antonio Regional Hospital has a dedicated Oncology unit with private rooms located in our Vineyard Tower. This unit features certified oncology nurses specially trained in compassionate cancer care. These healthcare specialists are dedicated to providing exceptional, evidence-based care for all our cancer patients.

The San Antonio and City of Hope partnership marks a new chapter in cancer care excellence in the Inland Empire.

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