• Your Hospital Experience - Meet our team

  • Joint Replacement Class - is taught by our Orthopedic Nurse Navigator, as well as a Physical Therapy team member. You will learn how to prepare for surgery, what to expect before, during and after your procedure and receive answers to any questions you may have.

    Pre-op center - is where you will first meet our hospitalstaff. You will have a scheduled appointment at the Pre-op center approximately 2 weeks prior to your surgery. The staff will interview you and review your medical history including current medication use and provide educational materials as needed. You will also have labs and tests as ordered by your surgeon.

    Ambulatory Care Unit - is where you will report on the day of your surgery. Our ACU staff will welcome you and your family and family, explain your plan of care, and complete admission processes. They will also assist you into procedural attire, insert the IV and complete any further required pre-operative testing and education

    Peri-operative Team - you will be taken from ACU to the holding area where you will be greeted by our staff and your anesthesiologist. They will review surgical, nursing and anesthesia plans with you, then you will then be taken into the surgery suite for your joint replacement.

    PACU Team - our post-anesthesia care unit, or recovery room, is where you will go after your surgical procedure is completed. The PACU team will monitor your blood pressure and breathing manage pain and discomfort. When all your vital signs are stable, they will prepare report for safe patient hand-off to the Post-Op team and transport you to the Orthopedic Unit.

    Orthopedic Unit - is located on the 4th Floor Vineyard Tower:

    • 20 designated orthopedic - rooms 401- 420
    • Dedicated Case Manager; Physical Therapy Gym; Orthopedic-trained Registered Nurses, Nurse Aides, and Mobility Aides
    • Patients are given complimentary active wear to promote health and well-being
    • Coaches will be present and participate in physical therapy treatments

    Post-Operative Team - consists of Registered Nurses, Orthopedic Nurse Navigator, Case Manager, Mobility Aides, and Nursing Assistants. Perform assessments, plan patient care and implement appropriate interventions based on your goals and needs. The team works together to provide comfort and education for you and your coach/family. They ensure that you have any equipment and post-op physical therapy arranged before you are discharged to home.

    Rehab Team - our physical therapy team consists of physical therapists and physical therapy assistants and aides. Their role in your care is to evaluate and establish a plan of care, including realistic functional goals, assess and measure range of motion, strength and function and to educate you and your coach/family on how to safely and correctly perform exercises and any precautions or activities for self-management at home.

    Support Team - consists of pharmacists, respiratory therapists, dieticians, housekeepers, radiologic technologists, and lab technicians. They help to ensure safety and well-being of our patients and provide vital services throughout the continuum-of-care- pre-op, peri-op, and post-op.