Getting Ready for Discharge

Joint Surgery Coach

The time to prepare for your arrival home is before you have your total joint replacement surgery.

Having a coach is essential for the first week or so. In choosing a coach, consider that this person should be willing and able to do the following activities:

  • Make sure you are following instructions given by your surgeon, physical therapist, and hospital
  • Assist you while you are using stairs
  • Take you to appointments and shop for you
  • Prepare meals

Physical Therapy After You Go Home

Joint replacement surgery is only a part of attaining your goal...much of the work is up to you. You will have physical therapy treatments 2-3 times a week, so doing your exercises on the days in between is very important.

Make time each day for the exercises ordered by your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist. Start slowly, then try to exercise a little more each day. Your results depend on the work you put into your recovery.

You will have outpatient physical therapy after you go home as arranged by your surgeon.

Equipment at Home

Your equipment may be ordered by your surgeon’s office and delivered to your home before your surgery. If you do not receive your equipment before surgery, it will be ordered and arranged through your insurance company to be delivered to your bedside prior to you going home.

Total Knee patients will require a front wheel walker.

Total Hip patients will require:

  • Front wheel walker
  • Elevated toilet seat (optional)