Preparing for Surgery

At the San Antonio Regional Hospital's Joint Replacement Center, we partner together with our patients to achieve the outcome they desire.

After surgery, you will not be on bedrest; you will be ambulating the day of surgery and will sit up in a chair for meals. To achieve the best outcome after your surgery, we establish the following expectations for our joint replacement patients:

  • Have a designated "coach" (spouse, partner, son, daughter, friend) who will: nurse taking patient to surgeryBe at your bedside after surgery to participate in physical therapy treatments and at home with you after discharge
  • Have a discharge plan in place (i.e.: a coach who will be with you after discharge; if you live in two-story house, you may need to create a temporary bedroom downstairs, etc.)
  • Most patients go home the day of their surgery; the goal is for you to transition to your own home environment after surgery as quickly and as safely as possible
  • Studies show that going home after surgery:
    • Reduces the risk of infection
    • Allows you to sleep better
    • Being around your family and friends can be an incredible motivator
You are a healthy individual having elective surgery; you should think of yourself as being "healthy" not "sick" while in the hospital and at home after discharge.

The Total Joint Class is mandatory for our total joint patients and their coach.  Patients and coaches learn how to prepare for surgery and what to expect at the hospital and after they go home. Attendees are encouraged to call the orthopedic nurse navigator for any additional questions or concerns pre-op and post-discharge.

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