Visitation Policy

Visitors have the following requirements:

General Guidelines for Visitors
  • General: All families and other partners in care must stop at the main entrance or ED entrance to obtain a visitor sticker. After 8:00 p.m. visitors must enter through the Emergency Department. Families and other partners, 12 years and above, will be issued a visitor sticker. The sticker is to be worn for the duration of that visit. Families and other partners in care are welcome 24 hours a day according to patient preference.
  • Children: Children supervised by an adult are welcomed, and are not restricted by age. Other guidelines may apply.
  • Emergency Department: Two visitors are welcome at the discretion of the healthcare team. Exceptions can be made in unusual situations.
  • Maternity: Fathers or significant others may visit patients in the LDRPs or maternity rooms at any time if patient is in a private room. Other guidelines may apply.
The following precautions are still recommended:
  • Wear a mask if you feel the need for your health circumstances.
  • Wear a mask if you have been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 5 days.
  • Wear a mask around others if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, runny nose, and/or sore throat).

If you have questions, please ask a member of our care team to contact the manager on your nursing unit or in the outpatient department for the services you are receiving.

Specific Guidelines by Department


  • Patients with more serious illnesses will be directed to check-in at the reception desk in the emergency department.
  • If a bed is available, the patient will be taken directly into the treatment area.
  • Patients are reminded to check-in with the triage nurse if there is a change or worsening of their symptoms.
  • Patients will be seen in the order of illness severity. Be assured, the emergency department team will do everything possible to place patients into a private room in the treatment area as quickly as possible.
  • Patients are allowed , only one (1) visitor over the age of 14 in the emergency department.


  • Radiology: One visitor might be allowed if not pregnant or for specific patient needs.
  • ACU: Up to two visitors per patient. Children under 14 may be permitted.
  • Cathlab: Two visitors in the recovery room.
  • Cardiology: One visitor, subject to patient or doctor discretion.


  • Download the Maternal Child Services Visitor Guidelines here.
  • Fathers/significant others can visit any time in private rooms.
  • Labor and Delivery:
    • Once you are in admitted in labor, your designated support person may accompany you.
    • Additional visitors may be present during your labor (without age restriction) if your condition permits.
    • Maximum of two visitors are allowed in your room at a time .
    • At the time of delivery through the recovery period, your designated support person and one additional visitor may be present as your condition permits.
    • Visitors can meet the newborn if conditions permit.
  • OR and PACU:
    • If you require a cesarean section, one designated support can visit recovering C-section patients, conditions permitting.
    • Newborn Nursery: Fathers/significant others can visit; certain procedures may allow parental presence.
  • NICU:
    • Fathers, significant others, and grandparents can visit (grandparents with a parent).
    • Visitation is 24/7 but may be restricted during emergencies.
    • Scheduled sibling visits for those aged 3 and above.