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Healthcare Staff

The physicians providing your medical care are independent contractors who are self-employed and are not agents or employees of this hospital. San Antonio Regional Hospital is not responsible for the judgment or conduct of any physician who provides professional services.


Your primary care doctor or a hospitalist will supervise your care while you are in the hospital. He or she may visit you in the morning, afternoon, or evening, depending upon the day’s schedule.


It is possible that your primary care doctor will not see you while you are in the hospital. He or she may have elected to turn your care over to a specialist called a hospitalist. Hospitalists are internists who assume the care of patients during their hospital stay in the place of the patient’s primary care physician. Hospitalists are in direct contact with the primary care physicians.


In each nursing unit, a registered nurse is responsible for supervising patient care and directing the nursing and support staff of the unit. Registered nurses are assisted by nursing assistants and nurse technicians. The nursing staff is available around the clock.

Dieticians – Extension 26325

A registered dietitian will review your medical record and will work with your healthcare team to develop a nutrition care plan for you. Registered dietitians are also available to educate you about any special nutritional plans you may need to follow after you are discharged.

Rehabilitation Therapists – Extension 24920

Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists will work with you, your family, and your medical team to help meet your recovery goals. Therapy may range from brief consultation to long-term intervention based on the extent of your injuries or illness.

Technicians and Technologists

Skilled health professionals perform and assist with laboratory and other procedures, including X-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, cardiac catheterization, radiation therapy, and other procedures that help in diagnosing and treating your illness or injury.

Case Managers – Extension 24820

Skilled Case managers are registered nurses responsible for planning your discharge which may include arranging for home care, equipment, or transfer to a long-term, rehabilitation, or skilled nursing care facility.

Social Workers – Extension 24820

Social workers offer guidance to help patients and their families deal with any social and emotional impact of illness or hospitalization. The hospital’s social workers complement patient care by helping patients and families discover and use their strengths to cope with illness and disability while reducing problems related to health and hospitalization.

Pharmacists – Extension 24806

While you are in the hospital, all of your medications are dispensed by our hospital pharmacists. They can answer any questions you have about your medications.

Chaplain – Extension 24820

A clergy member of your religious preference is welcome to visit you at any time during your stay, day or night. If your clergy is not readily available, our hospital chaplain can offer you and your family pastoral care and support until they arrive. Your nurse can help with your request for these services.

Volunteers – Extension 26266

Volunteers give thousands of hours each year to our hospital to enhance the care of our patients and their families. They provide support throughout the hospital, including staffing the reception desk, delivering mail and flowers, operating the gift shop, and escorting patients.