• Visiting Hours

  • We encourage families and other partners in your care to be involved and supportive while you are hospitalized. Our care team recognizes that families and other visitors can be an important part of your safety, comfort, physical and psychological well-being, and their presence can aid in your healing process.

    • Visitors are welcome 24 hours a day, according to your preference as a patient.
    • While we encourage visitors in most circumstances, visiting privileges may vary depending on your condition and need for rest.
    • To protect our patients' health, friends and relatives who are ill should not come to the hospital to visit you.
    • For security reasons, all visitors are asked to stop at the main entrance reception desk to obtain a wristband and directions.
    • The number of visitors allowed in the room will be determined in collaboration with the patient and his/her family members. In situations where there are shared rooms, the preferences of the other patient or family will be included in the decision-making. Lobbies are available in all patient care areas for your friends and family to wait.
    • Children supervised by an adult are welcomed. There are no age restrictions, however children should not accompany an adult who is staying with you overnight.

    The visiting hours in specified nursing units are outlined below.


    Two visitors are welcome to visit a patient at any time. The healthcare team can use discretion depending upon the patient’s condition.


    Visitors during labor and delivery, other than the baby’s father or mother’s significant other, shall be permitted at the discretion of the patient and the healthcare team. Siblings under the age of 14 years may be present during labor and after birth, but they must be accompanied by an adult who is: 1) not the major support person, and 2) able to leave with the children if necessary.


    Fathers or significant others may visit patients in the maternity rooms at any time if the patient is in a private room. Siblings of the newborn may visit as long as they are illness-free.


    Fathers, significant others, and healthy siblings over the age of three are welcome to visit the newborn in the NICU. Grandparents may visit only with a parent. Only two visitors are permitted at any time.