• The change in our identity and 108-year-old brand was made only after careful consideration.  In fact, hospital leadership spent the better part of a year engaging the community and other key stakeholders in this decision.  Research and focus groups were conducted where we ascertained the participants' unique perspectives of our hospital and its people. Their opinions validated our decision to expand our brand as we expand our presence in the Inland Empire.

    When Dr. William Howard Craig began caring for his community over a century ago, our patients came from just a few square miles.  As the population grew, our hospital expanded to meet this growing demand for healthcare services.  As the decades passed, our original community hospital with basic services has become a sophisticated healthcare organization that draws patients from throughout the Inland Empire.  We literally outgrew our name.

    San Antonio Regional Hospital treats over 200,000 patients each year, and is the busiest paramedic receiving center in San Bernardino County.  But we are also more than just a single hospital serving the ill and injured.  Our new name is a reflection of our growth and focus on not just hospital based care, but on a broader scope of healthcare services that emphasize wellness and prevention.  While we remain committed to providing high quality advanced care to the sick and injured, it is also our responsibility to ensure better overall health for all of the members of our communities. This is the essence of our nonprofit mission, and as the flagship healthcare facility in our area, we will continue our rich history of growing to meet the needs of the people we serve.