Quality and Safety at San Antonio Regional Hospital

Delivering the highest-quality, most advanced, and safest healthcare to our patients is our top priority. We strive to create a healthcare environment known for excellent, safe, and effective patient-and-family-centered care.

When choosing a hospital, patients should consider many factors. Among the most important factors are quality of care and patient safety. For those reasons, San Antonio follows rigorous quality, patient safety, and service practices throughout our hospital locations and urgent care clinics.

As a leading healthcare institution, our goal is to be the safest place in America to receive care and to work, because patient and team member safety is essential to providing the best healthcare.


We are closely monitoring and working to improve the following measures:

In addition to the indicators above, we also report these quality measures publicly:

We use data from objective, independent sources to compare the care we provide at San Antonio Regional Hospital to the care other hospitals provide.

Whenever possible, we look at risk-adjusted data, which reflects the complex cases we treat. We also compare ourselves to “like” hospitals, meaning hospitals that treat about the same number and types of patients we do.

Regional hospitals like San Antonio care for the sickest patients, who are often most sensitive to developing complications because they are so severely ill. At San Antonio Regional Hospital, it is our duty and mission to provide advanced care for severely ill patients with complex needs.