Our History...then and now

Our Hospital 1907The first patient was treated at San Antonio Hospital in 1907. At the time, Upland was something of an up-and-coming community with nearly 1,500 residents, six churches, two banks, and several busy merchant establishments. The hospital was located at the corner of San Antonio Avenue and Arrow Highway. The quaint configuration of that stone building placed the hospital's operating room upstairs in the southwest corner, while the men's ward was downstairs in the northeast corner. As a result, Dr. John Craig, the strapping young son of the hospital's founder, Dr. William Howard Craig, was in demand both as a surgeon and anesthesiologist, but also as the only member of the hospital staff who was strong enough to carry a patient up and down the stairs from the men's ward to the operating room.

The growth San Antonio Regional Hospital has experienced has been transformational. Today, the hospital's services and technologies are at the leading edge of medical science in ways that the hospital's forebears could not have imagined, much less dared to wish for. New facilities, equipment, programs, and services are continually added to meet the region's growing need for sophisticated healthcare services close to home.

Still, over time, two constants have steered San Antonio's evolution from a modest local hospital to a multi-facility, regional healthcare operation. One is its unwavering commitment to community, quality, caring, and integrity. The second is its people - an intangible but undeniable spirit instilled in the hospital's employees and medical staff. Long-tenured employment is the norm at San Antonio, and if you ask people why they stay, an almost circular logic applies...they will tell you they stay because of the people.

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