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  • The Mark

  • San Antonio BugThe symbol of San Antonio Regional Hospital is a fleur-de-lis, a “simple, life-affirming form of a growing plant, with its connotation of biological optimism which seems to strike a tenor consonant with the life-mending role the hospital plays in the community” stated The Daily Report on May 24, 1964, when the symbol was introduced at the opening of the new three-story patient tower.

    The sturdy central stem of the symbol represents our patients and their return to restored vitality. The leaves, focused on the central stem, symbolize the elements of the hospital’s structure – trustees, medical staff, and employees. The complete symbol recalls the cooperative efforts needed to accomplish the hospital’s primary goal of securing the patient’s well-being.

    In recognition of the hospital’s centennial, the symbol was refreshed to enhance the appearance of a vibrant, growing plant. The updated symbol not only conveys the strength of the hospital’s past; it embodies the growth in its future as a regional healthcare provider. It serves as a fitting reminder of San Antonio Regional Hospital’s celebration of 100 Years and Growing.

              San Antonio Regional Hospital                                 San Antonio WBIC

    Occasionally you may see our mark support a cause in colors, for example: pink for Breast Cancer Awareness or red for National Heart Month.

              San Antonio Red Logo                               San Antonio WBIC Pink Bug